Pickyto Kiosk

Digitize with our pioneering technology!

Unique Benefits


Our 5X promise

Reduce operational cost by 5X and at the same time optimizing bill processing time by 5X. Kiosks are 5X cost effective than manual billing counters.


No More Queues

Provide your customers with express ordering options. No more hungry & angry customers jamming near the billing counters.


Increased Order Sales

With Pickyto’s intelligent recommendations and express ordering, increase order sales by 10% and increase order value by 25-30%.


Feedback & Reviews

Nothing boosts a restaurant’s image like reviews and satisfied customers. And we provide the perfect platform for them to write; the good and the great!


Fast And Secure

Easy, Fast and secure payments can be made by using VISA/Master Card Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, UPI and from all your favourite wallets


Pickyto Kiosk is the best solution for delivering express ordering solution for your QSR outlets.
  • No more Q’s
  • No more payment hassles
  • No more boundaries
  • The self-ordering, touch screen kiosks provide customers the convenience and simplicity that they deserve

The future is now here!

Great Features


Foster your business

Grow by leaps and bounds with our Kiosk Technolog.
Reduce billing counter expenses by at least 5X ( install 5 Pickyto Kiosks for the monthly cost of a cashier).
Increase your order sales value by 8-10% as the Kiosk helps you bill 10% more customers within a 30 min window.



Build your brand identify and loyalty with us.
Make every customer your brand ambassador with simple & effective ordering solution at your QSR outlet


Digital Menu

A customizable, personalised menu which fits like a glove to your theme
A digital menu with vivid images of the menu items with a creative description. Pickyto is a customizable product with a personal touch in accordance with your theme and requirement


Increase Order Accuracy

No more wrong orders with our digital menu
Digital menu eliminates the wrong orders hazard and maintain a smooth sail of your restaurant ship avoiding the slipshod orders and dissensions over wrong orders

Kiosk Screenshots

Use Cases

Pickyto Kiosk @ Food Courts

The ultimate solution to manage the demands of all your tired and hungry customers and keep a track of the sales and revenue
  • Faster ordering options with reduced usage of waiters and attendees
  • Eye-catchy digital menu
  • Ordering and billing made 10 times easier
  • Item feedback and reviews which helps improving quality or services
  • Manage the performance with automated data

Ice-Cream Shops

Pickyto facilitates all your ice cream shop guests to turn into a reliable and regular customer.
  • Increase sales when customers take a first look at the eye-catchy digital menu
  • Tracking customer’s favorites through reviews and ratings
  • Export and filter multiple data collected to gain best output from information recorded

Quick Service Restaurants

Lead your restaurants with speedy orders, hassle-free payments and instantaneous feedback for express checkout.
  • Vivid and eye catchy images of the menu
  • Easy generation of bills without any chaos
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Easy customer retention

Pricing Plan

Kiosk Starter Plan


Complete Digital Menu

Self Service Ordering Device

Seamless Cashless Payments

Bill Print

SMS Bill Receipts

Custom Templates*

Kiosk Bundle Starter


All Kiosk Bundle Features

10.1'' Touch Screen Kiosk

3.5mm Thermal Printer

Desk Stand & Setup

Kiosk Bundle Plus


All Kiosk Bundle Features

15.6'' Touch Screen Kiosk

3.5mm Thermal Printer

Desk Stand & Setup

Kiosk Bundle Premium


All Kiosk Bundle Features

21'' Touch Screen Kiosk

3.5mm Thermal Printer

Desk Stand & Setup

*Customized template are available at additional cost
- One Time Setup Fee may apply
Food Courts and Multi-Restaurants Ordering Kiosk is available as Enterprise Plan. please contact us at hello@pickyto.com for a Free Consultation and Price Quote